Diaper Changing Stations & Family Restrooms

If you are hosting an outdoor event that will attract families make sure guests have a convenient place to take little ones. Many families will plan their outings based on which places can accommodate the needs children; and having an accessible and clean baby changing station is a huge bonus!

At Nix Tank we provide clean, affordable portable toilet rentals for festivals, races, weddings and more. In addition to our portable restroom units, we also offer an outdoor baby changing station and a family room option to give parents a private place to change diapers and help young children. You can see examples of these two models below: 

Outdoor Diaper Changing Station

outdoor diaper changing room rental

Portable Family Room

portable family room with baby changing station


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Nix Tank has been serving clients in the North Georgia area for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and are ready to assist you with your event restroom needs. 

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