Portable Restrooms

Nix Tank Company proudly offers porta potty rentals for a wide range of events and projects. We have been serving customers in Gainesville, Ga and surrounding areas for over 40 years with a reliable staff who is dedicated to providing hassle-free maintenance. 

Our portable restrooms are suitable for:

Which Type of Portable Restroom is Right For You?

No matter what kind of project or event you’re having, you can rely on Nix Tank to provide clean portable restrooms. From the familiar standard model to our nicer luxury units, we offer multiple options to fit in with your needs and budget. 

Standard Portable Restroom

If you're looking for economical, this is your best bet. Suitable for men or women these units will accommodate around 200 uses each. Each unit comes with a hand sanitizer and fully stocked toilet paper dispenser. We have Dark Green and Bright Yellow colored Units.

Luxury Units with Hand Washing

The "Cadillac" of porta potties, these units come equipped with hand washing sinks, a soap dispenser & paper towels. Available with a flushable option or a standard tank. The unit is entirely self-contained (no water hook-ups necessary). 

Family Restrooms

Family rooms with baby changing stations are great for family outdoor events and give parents of young children a clean and private place to go.

Handicap Portable Restroom

The units are specially designed to accommodate wheelchair users. The floor of the unit is flush with ground providing easy access and the door has a delayed closing spring as required by the A.D.A.

Handwashing Sinks

Great for events that involve cooking and eating. These outdoor sinks are self-contained and don’t need a water hookup. Each is equipped with it’s own soap and paper towel dispenser. The only thing you need is small trash can for paper towel waste.

How Do You Guarantee Restrooms Will Be Clean?

Despite popular opinion, temporary toilets are not the germ-filled restrooms that most people make them out to be. When you visit a porta potty that is not clean, it is because facilities to do not plan properly for capacity and/or companies are not commited to ensuring regular cleaning and service.

Nix Tank’s portable toilets uphold the highest levels of sanitation and are serviced on a regular basis. There are also deodorized detergent solutions available that can be placed in the water, which keeps the unit smelling great while reducing exposure to germs.

The utilization of hand washing stations, complete with anti-bacterial soap, is a key element in all portable toilets supplied by Nix Tank. These hand washing stations are placed in as many areas as possible, which creates a more sanitary environment and cuts down on the transmission of germs. 


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