Making the Most of Your Portable Restroom

Regardless if you are in a permanent location that is incapable of handling large crowds or in a field where buildings are beyond accessible, portable restrooms are the perfect solution for you. Portable solutions improve the sanitation at your job site, reflect positively on employees and visitors, save time and money and provide a more environmentally friendly restroom alternative. Once you decide to purchase a set of portable restrooms whether it be for more permanent use or simply rentals for a certain period of time, there are tips that you can take into consideration to make it an even better experience.

Add a splash of personal style

The boring, gray porta potty is the first image that typically comes to mind when most people think of a portable restroom. Although many have grown accustomed to that description, you don’t have to settle for mediocre. Add a splash of personality by adding a floral arrangement to the interior, plant greenery around the exterior, place fragrance fresheners to give it a more appealing scent, or even add baskets full of toiletry items to give a more homey feel.

Make it convenient

When you have to use the restroom, nothing is more frustrating than spending what seems like hours to find it. One of the reasons why portable restrooms are so great is the ability to place them practically wherever you would like; so why not place them in a convenient location where they are easy to find. Making staff, guest and others walk long distances in search of the restroom can detract from their overall experience in the end.

Obtain proper permits

One of the most important things when purchasing or renting portable restrooms for an event or other location is making sure you do not need permits to have portable sanitation on site. If permits are required, you would need to consult with the city in which the event is scheduled to take place. Nix Tanks will be happy to help you where we can.

Although there is a harsh stigma related to portable restrooms, there are ways to change people’s perception. The “WOW” factor can be achieved by simply putting in a little effort and being creative. All of your efforts will pay off in the end and show your staff, guests, employees and friends that you truly care.