Construction Site Service

Below are the options we provide customers for their unit service on construction sites:

Standard Service (once per week)- Unit is placed on route and serviced at weekly intervals on a certain day of the week. 

Gold Service- Unit is serviced once per week with double the water and deodorizer. This service is helpful in keeping odor under control as it helps to ensure all waste stays below the water level in the tank. Urinal block is added to the urinal and a scented air freshener is placed inside the unit.

Multi Service- We can service as many times during a one week period as a customer requests. This service is helpful on sites where space is limited.  One unit can go a long way with multi-service. 
Holding Tanks- 220 gallon holding tanks are available to handle waste storage from on-site office trailers. A weekly service is performed on the Tanks.

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