3 Factors To Determine What Size Dumpster To Rent

Getting the right dumpster is a must for any project you have. Consider these three areas when looking to rent a roll-off dumpster. 

1. Duration of the Project

The longer the project the more waste that ends up in the roll-off. Also, if a dumpster is too small to meet your needs over time, you’ll simply be wasting money having to have the dumpster removed and a new one delivered. Consider the time frame of the project your tackling and make sure you’re prepared to handle the load for the entire project. Determining project  will also help with establishing a removal date. Luckily, Nix can work with you on pick up options, but considering them prior to delivery will help both sides understand the appropriate timeline.

2. Waste Material

Some material will work well in smaller containers, while others need to be held in higher sided containers. It’s good and safe practice to ensure all material being disposed of is contained within the container and not spilling over or protruding from it. Nix Tank offers a wide variety of containers to meet your project’s needs. Repairing storm damage, tree debris removal and other projects tend to take up more of the dumpster space and need to be accounted for with an appropriate sized dumpster

3. Location

Some projects require a smaller sized dumpster because of limitations to the project location. While we strive to meet your every delivery need, some taller dumpsters may not fit in a given area for the project. When considering roll off dumpster size, consider the surrounding areas, ease of delivery, removal and loading of waste. Dumpsters aren’t easy to move once delivered so it’s important to consider the best location for your dumpster needs.

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With over 40 years of waste removal experience, Nix Tank can help you determine what size dumpster you need. Our experienced sales team will help troubleshoot the project duration, material and location to make sure you get the roll-off dumpster you need to finish your project. Contact us to discuss your project.