Handicap or Special Needs Unit

Nix Tank prides itself on providing handicap-accessible portable toilets for elderly guests and those with special needs. Our mission is to be able to accommodate every individual in every situation. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, estate sale or simply need a temporary restroom due to a remodeling project, Nix Tank Company can find the right solution for you. These specialty handicap toilets include the following features for accessibility and ease of use:

Spacious interior. These units were uniquely designed for those who require a larger space and can easily accommodate guests in a wheelchair.
Reinforced, non-slip safety bars. Steel handle bars line the walls of our handicap restroom providing peace of mind and assistance to those who need it.
Delayed closing spring. As required by the A.D.A. this specialty unit features a door that closes at a slower speed than our standard units, giving users plenty of time to get in and out.
Non-slip, ground-level flooring.The floors of our restrooms are made with a slip resistant plastic to prevent falls and are flush with the ground to make entry easy.
Clean units with great ventilation. We add additional ventilation in these units to keep the air circulating, and the heavy-duty plastic they are made of keeps them clean and dry. 

If you need a handicap portable toilet for your next event, then look no further than Nix Tank Company. We offer clean, top quality portable restrooms at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more.

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